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10 targets of what we want to achieve with the Adult Education Budget

  1. Residents furthest from the workplace progress into sustainable jobs
  2. Reduce social exclusion and inequality with a focus on the role of digital
  3. More residents access their statutory entitlements
  4. Tailored programmes supporting those furthest from the world of work
  5. Residents working longer acquire skills to get better jobs
  6. Our young people have higher levels of aspiration and attainment
  7. More residents go into employment, traineeships, apprenticeships and further learning
  8. Residents upskill and reskill so they enter and progress in employment
  9. Residents have access to good jobs with better pay
  10. Employers with vacancies have access to a skilled workforce

How we want to work with Providers

  • Strategic high trust relationships focused on what progression residents can make over a three year period – supported by Delivery Plans
  • Knitting together the wider skills and employment offer including traineeships, apprenticeships, employment programmes, wrap-around support and the skills for jobs response to the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Collaborative working – MCA and providers and provider to provider
  • ‘Place making’ – a strong sense of identity and accountability for delivering and making a difference ‘in a place’. Requires networking with other South Yorkshire providers, employers and partners including local authorities to ensure provision fits needs
  • Recognition that this is a transition year – we want to listen, learn and improve the skills offer available to residents
  • Transparent and open – flag issues early

 Download the AEB Onboarding Slide deck (PPT, 51Mb)

SYMCAs Funding and Performance Management Rules set out the funding and performance management rules that apply to all providers of education and training who receive AEB funding from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

 Download SYMCAs Funding and Performance Management Rules (PDF, 824KB)

Frequently Asked Questions following the Onboarding Event:

Q: Is the ILR going to be returned the same i.e. to the ESFA from an ILR?

Q: When will we be paid and how? Are the dates going to be the same?

Q: Can we still use the same Z codes that are relevant for Community learning and AEB for the AEB allocation?

Q: Will we be doing performance reviews and how?

Q. What are the Marketing branding requirements for logos, case studies, news stories etc?

Q: Do we still need to show the ESFA logo?

Q: Will there still be 14 returns R012 the final but R13 & R14 for any amendments etc?

Q: The reference to Priority Provision for Grant Providers, is there a list of aims that we should code against?

Q: In the event that the profile of delivery changes is there opportunity during contract management to discuss and explore viring of profile fields to reflect?

Q: In terms of delivery profiles is there a template that can be sent out for us to populate this in advance of our meeting with SYMCA?

Q: Could we also have a PowerPoint version of the slides to share with the finance teams?

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