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South Yorkshire Careers Hub

The South Yorkshire Careers Hub brings together the work of 4 local authority areas: Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley. Working in partnership, the South Yorkshire Careers Hub works with schools, colleges, Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities, local businesses and careers providers, helping young people connect closely to local skills, build confidence and meet economic needs through a tailored careers programme.
Through By joining our Careers Hub, we enable schools and colleges to receive practical guidance in how to develop their careers programme, peer to peer support and learning in what works, access to funding and coordinated activity.  We recognise the challenges and opportunities schools and colleges face in meeting all Gatsby Benchmarks and will therefore provide a service using a collaborative approach, a strong network of partners and the sharing of good practice across the region.  Our aim is to ensure that the region’s young people receive high quality, impartial advice when making informed choices of career pathways.
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Our Aim

Gatsby Benchmark 1 – A stable careers programme
75% or more of all schools fully achieving this
Gatsby Benchmark 2 – Learning from career and labour market information
A positive increase of schools fully achieving
Gatsby Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil
A positive increase of school fully achieving
Gatsby Benchmark 4 – Linking curriculum learning to careers
A reduction in school not achieving this and an increase of schools fully achieving
Gatsby Benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees         
– 75% or more of schools fully achieving this
Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experiences of workplaces           
– 100% of Schools either fully or partially achieving this
Gatsby Benchmark 7 – Encounters with further and higher education
Maintain current trajectory and support schools with compliance of the Baker Clause
Gatsby Benchmark 8 – Personal guidance
Maintain current trajectory and reduce number of school not achieving this
Compass + – Support all schools to upgrade to Compass +.
Compass – All schools to complete Compass termly, this to ensure the most accurate data is available
EA Match – Ensure all schools have access to an Enterprise Adviser and have been matched at least once in the year.

Our work

The South Yorkshire Careers Hub currently works with 88 mainstream and SEND schools and colleges across the four local authority areas: Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley

  • Utilising our Community of Practice Lead, we will design and deliver inclusive bespoke training to support achieving Gatsby Benchmark 1
  • In collaboration with South Yorkshire LEP Colleagues and using Emsi data we will design and create an LMI website to include teacher/student friendly resources
  • In collaboration with Doncaster Opportunity Area (OA) and Local Authorities we will fund access to a Careers Platform
  • In collaboration with Doncaster OA and Local Authorities we will fund a South Yorkshire specific site with information and resources linking careers to the curriculum
  • We will create a funding Working Group of Careers Leaders to support implementation of programmes for virtual/meaningful encounter with employers and workplaces. This includes a specific programme for SEND
  • We will establish a SYMCA Support for Schools Network. This to include Education providers and employers who have activity to support schools. We will use engagement and data to signpost to schools most in need
  • We will create a regular newsletter direct from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority to communicate opportunities for schools, share best practice and general updates
  • We will arrange Compass + webinars and localised CPD sessions for schools
  • We will continue to manage the Enterprise Adviser Network and create an Employer Engagement Working Group
  • We will continue to work with SYMCA Talent bank and Inspiring the Future to ensure schools have access to employers

Careers Hubs Leads

Tina Slater

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