Graphic with text: Fixing our public transport starts here


Fixing our public transport starts here

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I talk about buses and trams and trains a lot. I talk about them a lot and I get asked about them a lot. 

I know that people across our region are fed up with public transport. With cuts, unreliability, and because the system we’ve been lumbered with simply doesn’t work for them anymore.  

And I get it. It’s not good enough and it must change. Because we all agree that we can’t carry on with bus companies deciding where and when to run buses, based on money making routes; or the government slashing millions of pounds of bus funding.

That’s why, bit by bit, I’m doing whatever I can to fix our broken public transport system, journey by journey, route by route, passenger by passenger.

That’s why we’re stepping in and paying bus operators £12.3m from our limited budget to run the routes that have been dropped. That’s why we’re making fares cheaper over winter with the Mayor’s £2 fare, which will help in the current cost of living crisis.

That’s why we’re investing £85m in walking and cycling routes so it’s easier to get around. That’s why we’re putting Supertram’s future in public hands. And that’s why we’re speeding up the process to assess if public control is best for our buses.  

I am under no illusion fixing public transport will be a long, difficult road. But we have started the important journey that we need to take to build the system that our region deserves; one that meets our needs and delivers a faster, smarter, greener public transport network that South Yorkshire can be proud of.

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