All appointments for private sector LEP Board membership are made through an open, transparent, competitive and non-discriminatory process. An Appointment Committee, made-up of LEP Board representatives and Senior Managers from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Executive Team, undertakes LEP Board recruitment.

When positions on the LEP Board become available, they are publicly advertised and interested candidates are required to complete and submit an application form. The Appointment Committee reviews and assesses the applications against the role specification and candidates are shortlisted for an interview with the Appointment Committee members.

The Appointment Committee use the combination of the completed application form and interview to judge each candidate’s experience, suitability and fit. The Appointment Committee then makes a recommendation to the LEP Board on the candidates that should be appointed. When recommending new Board members, the Appointment Committee will be mindful of achieving the optimum composition and balance of skills, experience, background and diversity on the LEP Board. However, all Board appointments will be made on merit, in the context of the skills and experience required by the Board to be effective.

Private sector LEP Board members are initially appointed for a three-year term but an individual may be re-appointed for a further term with the agreement of the Chair. In order to ensure that members are suitably committed to the important work of the LEP, consistent non-attendance at meetings will be grounds for termination of membership.

At all times, one member of the LEP Board is the designated small business representative. Typically, this person will be from a small business themselves. The small business representative is tasked with leading engagement with small businesses, to ensure that the views of micro, small and medium sized businesses are adequately represented by the LEP.