Your Vote, Your Mayor, Your South Yorkshire, 5 May 2022. The South Yorkshire Mayoral election is on Thursday 5 May 2022


Oliver Coppard has been elected as the new Mayor of South Yorkshire.

The South Yorkshire Mayor is directly elected by the electorate in the four South Yorkshire districts of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield to serve a four-year term. 

The Mayor has powers and money, which are used to decide how we create jobs and grow our economy, improve training and skills, how our public transport network is run, and build new infrastructure and homes in South Yorkshire. 

View the full results of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Election 2022.

South Yorkshire Mayoral Election booklet

You can find out more about the candidates, the election and how to vote in the Mayoral Election Booklet. We are required by law to send a copy of this booklet to every registered voter in South Yorkshire, which should have arrived around the 19th April.

  South Yorkshire Mayoral Election booklet (PDF, 1.9mb)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the pre-election period?
What does the Mayor do and what powers do they have?
How much funding is the Mayor and MCA responsible for?
Does the Mayor make decisions about my council?
How long will the Mayor be in office?
How is a directly-elected metro mayor different from a city mayor or lord/ceremonial mayor?

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