Here, we chronicle the progress made so far in the push to ensure that the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority's (SYMCA) travel network can help to create a healthier and more active society.

November 2020

The SYMCA secures £5.46million from the Government’s Active Travel Fund to improve walking and cycling routes across South Yorkshire. The funding will enable improvements to existing routes and the creation of active (or low-traffic) neighbourhoods across the region. 

June 2020

The SYMCA Active Travel Implementation Plan is released, detailing how more than 1000km of routes, 800 safe crossings and 320km2 of low traffic neighbourhoods can help to transform the region in the coming years.

May 2020

Mayor Dan Jarvis and Dame Sarah Storey write to the Prime Minister, urging him and the Government to put Active Travel at the heart of the country’s recovery plans. As a result, more than £7.2million is promised to the region by the Government.

April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic takes hold, bringing with it an unprecedented set of circumstances and challenges. Work continues to support local authorities to plan and deliver temporary and trial infrastructure to enable walking and cycling during lockdown.

Online community engagement becomes the project’s focus, in order to support people during lockdown.

March 2020

Mayor Dan Jarvis and Dame Sarah Storey meet with Government officials at No 10 to outline their vision for walking and cycling in South Yorkshire.

March 2020

The region is awarded £166 million through the Transforming Cities Fund. Half of this investment is earmarked for Active Travel schemes.

January 2020

Mayor Dan Jarvis and Dame Sarah Storey attend the opening of Sheffield Hallam University’s Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), which will inform research into the importance of focusing on health and well-being across the region and all over the world.

November 2019

The SYMCA submits its Transforming Cities bid to the Department for Transport. The bid focuses on three large areas which could most benefit from significant improvements across rail, public transport and active travel schemes. The aim is to reduce journey times, improve punctuality and reliability, and bring about a wide range of benefits associated with Active Travel, such as improved health and wellbeing.

These Transforming Cities schemes will link with future schemes to form the 2040 Active Travel Network.

October 2019

The region’s Active Travel Interactive Map is launched, giving residents the chance to give feedback to Dame Sarah Storey and her team on the region’s current travel infrastructure. 

Work to plan theSYMCA's Active Travel Network begins. Workshops are held in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield with Brian Deegan, one of the UK’s leading street design engineers, to help visualise what the region’s walking and cycling network could look like by 2040.

September 2019

Dame Sarah Storey establishes the Active Travel Advisory Board, made up of representatives from national and regional cycling and walking organisations, in order to inform and support her work.

July 2019

Invictus Games Trials are held in Sheffield, showcasing the importance of inclusivity and providing local leaders with a chance to witness the power of cycling on people regardless of their circumstance.

June 2019

Dame Sarah Storey outlines four pledges in the Energy Strategy PDF  by which her work in the region will be guided. They are:

  • Being led by communities
  • Enabling walking and cycling, rather than encouraging it
  • Requiring infrastructure to meet or exceed requirements
  • Requiring infrastructure to be accessible for all

May 2019

Sustainable transport expert Pete Zanzoterra is appointed as the region’s Active Travel Programme Director.

April 2019

Mayor Dan Jarvis appoints Dame Sarah Storey as the region’s first-ever Active Travel Commissioner.

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