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Published 11 January 2022 at 4:15pm

A public consultation has launched to seek views on plans to transform bus services in South Yorkshire.

 The ambitious proposals - part of a future roadmap to improve bus ticketing, routes and frequency in the region - include free travel for under 18s and capped fares for all passengers, bus priority measures to make journeys quicker, better journey planning information, ‘turn up and go’ bus options, and zero emission buses to make travel cleaner and greener towards a net-zero future.

People can read about the plans and take part in the consultation on the Travel South Yorkshire website Enhanced Partnership page

Mayor of South Yorkshire, Dan Jarvis, said:

“Buses are integral to creating the stronger, greener and fairer South Yorkshire we all want to see. We’re pumping major resources into reviving passenger numbers and committing millions of pounds for fare concessions.

“But more is needed to transform our bus system. Our Bus Review said services aren’t fit for the 21st century - the status quo isn’t working. Now we’re setting out the next steps on our roadmap to bus reform, with bold plans to improve bus ticketing, routes, and frequency of services, and we’re asking the people of South Yorkshire to help us shape them.”

South Yorkshire’s plans follow approval by Mayor Dan Jarvis and local leaders to develop an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators in response to the government’s National Bus Strategy (Bus Back Better), which includes a pledge of £3 billion of national funding to encourage local bus use.

The agreement gives greater powers for local leaders to work with bus companies to put passengers first and improve bus services based on local needs. It is the first phase of an ambitious vision for South Yorkshire’s bus system, which aims to increase the number of people travelling by bus, reduce carbon emissions and improve local air quality.

The Mayor added:

“These plans are about taking the decisive action – now – to unlock the vital funds we need to tackle the most pressing issues facing passengers, deliver better services and rebuild our public transport system  in the aftermath of COVID. The Enhanced Partnership is a vital first step in achieving this, whatever we decide about the structure of those services in the future, including franchising. The MCA is due to decide shortly whether to undertake an assessment of a proposed franchising scheme.

“What we need now is for central government to put their money where their mouth is and provide the funding we need to build the service that passengers need and deserve.”

Councillor Chris Read, Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, said: “This is the first step in our ambitious plans to transform bus services in the region and deliver a service that truly serves everybody’s needs.

“This consultation will ensure we can revitalise the system, drive fresh innovation and create a network and service that encourages people to use the bus and help grow the economy whilst also cutting our carbon emissions.”

Public consultation on the plans, which set out how the new Enhanced Partnership will deliver the region’s recently published Bus Services Improvement Plan (BSIP), is underway until Sunday 20 February 2022.

Consultation forms are available in an alternative format on request from Traveline on 01709 51 51 51 or from Travel South Yorkshire Interchange Customer Service Desks.


Last Updated: 28/01/2022

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