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Published 14 October 2022 at 1:22pm

Part funded training from the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s Skills Bank has enabled Sheffield-based HLM Architects to upskill 81 staff members, improve productivity and thrive in the post-pandemic landscape.

HLM Architects, a leading architectural design practice, received Skills Bank funding to support the development of a company-wide training programme, which was delivered through its academy, and supported by LinkedIn Learning.

In 2017, the firm embarked on a five-year business plan to drive controlled profitable growth, allowing it to reinvest in the business, improve the team working environment, support employees and give back to the local community.

To achieve these challenging objectives, the leadership team at HLM knew that they needed to recruit, retain and train high-quality people and provide them with a great place to work. Providing robust training, especially through the lockdown, has been a vital part of achieving this.

Jill Fedyk, HR Co-ordinator at HLM Architects said:

“We have benefitted hugely from the support of Skills Bank. Our training initiatives have led to improved motivation, retention and productivity, with a stronger external profile leading to more job applications for available roles.

“The Skills Bank team embraced the concept of blended learning, which helped us to set a strong infrastructure, connecting our team through online learning during the pandemic. We have now woven a continuous learning culture through our business via the HLM Academy and we have a 95% take up of LinkedIn Learning licences by our employees.”

Jill added:

“We have seen the value of investing in skills, which is reaping rewards and helping us to continue to innovate. An Advanced Leadership Programme helped prepare our future leaders to deal with the challenges they’ve faced over the last two years.”

After moving to an Employee Ownership Trust structure in 2020, HLM Architects worked with South Yorkshire Growth Hub Skills Advisors to submit a second Skills Bank application, and has been successful in securing further funding to support the further development of its Leadership and Management Teams, focused on identity-centred leadership and mentoring.

Julie Mather, Growth Skills Advisor at South Yorkshire Growth Hub commented:

“This is an extremely innovative and dynamic business, which is very much focused on each member of staff achieving their full potential.

“We’re looking forward to working with HLM Architects as it embeds this new, skills-focused approach throughout the business, to support its future growth trajectory.”

To find out more, visit: skillsbankscr.co.uk

Skills Bank provides employers across South Yorkshire with access to high quality training and funding to support skills training that will enable them to develop their business. Skills Bank is part of South Yorkshire Growth Hub, a service which exists to help businesses to find the best possible support to grow, whether that is investment in Skills and Training, access to finance options, support with innovation or export or even helping new businesses to get off the ground.

South Yorkshire Growth Hub Skills Advisors are available across the region to support and assist businesses with their needs. The Growth Hub supports the aims of the South Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership to create jobs and drive economic growth by providing local businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

The Skills Bank Programme has been extended until 2025 by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. The extension is in recognition of the needs of local businesses and as part of the support to boost South Yorkshire’s post pandemic recovery and renewal.


Last Updated: 14/10/2022

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