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Apprenticeships can deliver a step-change improvement in the skills people need for life and work, helping people progress into higher level vocational and technical skills. Improving skills at all ages can make a real difference to all our futures.

Apprenticeships are critical to our Renewal Action Plan (PDF, 10Mb) and will help us secure a jobs led recovery and the economic renewal of South Yorkshire.

How many apprentices are there in South Yorkshire?

In South Yorkshire over the past few years up to 15,000 people have kickstarted their career – or taken it in a different direction – by starting an apprenticeship. We know that more apprentices are taken on by small businesses, who employ 82.2% of the total. Medium businesses employ 12.3%, and large businesses employ just 5.5% of apprentices.

In our region we have some fantastic case studies of people of all ages who are achieving success or enhancing their careers through apprenticeships. You can see their stories below.

What are the benefits of apprenticeships?

Government evidence shows that many apprentices are kept on by their employers when they’ve completed their course and nearly a quarter of apprentices are promoted within 12 months of finishing.

Government research also shows that apprentices have increased future earning potential across the course of their career, earning around £117,000 more during their lifetime.

According to the National Apprenticeship Service, around 96% of employers surveyed had experienced benefits from employing an apprentice. 74% said apprentices had improved their product, 78% of employers said they had improved productivity, 85% said apprentices had helped to develop skills, and 73% said it had boosted staff morale.

86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation, according to the National Apprenticeships Service. 78% said apprenticeships improved productivity. Apprenticeships contribute towards increasing employee satisfaction, reducing staff turnover and reducing recruitment costs. Training your employees and growing your own talent is the most effective way to retain great people.

How we’re supporting apprenticeships

In our Renewal Action Plan (PDF, 10Mb), as part of our objective to help people find jobs and adapt to the new economy, we have committed to creating 3,000 apprenticeships and other training positions. We want all residents who want and need education, training or an apprenticeship to have an opportunity to do so and to be supported into sustainable employment.

Find out more about apprenticeships

To find out more about employing an apprenticeship in your business, talk to a Growth Hub Advisor.

To find apprenticeship roles that are currently available, visit the Government’s Find An Apprenticeship web pages.

To find apprenticeship training providers to train a current employee, visit the Government’s directory search.

To browse the wide range of apprenticeships, browse the Institute for Apprenticeships website.

Apprenticeship success stories

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